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100% natural Henna powder, collected at the right time and specially selected for Kushala by our experts, to obtain the best product in quality and freshness with the best result in its application. For hair with volume, conditioning and full of life.

100gr format: Full application or two contours.


Lawsonia inermis

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Preparation of the paste: 

Pour the necessary powder into a non-metallic container and add the hot water (recommended temperature 60ºC), stir well until a smooth and uniform paste is left. The proportions of water and powder shoud be approximately three parts of water to one of powder (i.e. for 100gr. of powder, add 300ml. of water)

Application Method: 

Wash hair with Amla Bio Ayurvedic Solid Shampoo or Cassia Bio Ayurvedic Solid Shampoo before application, then dry with a towel or hair dryer. 

It is advisable to wear gloves throughout the process. Apply the paste to the hair, carefully, with a brush so that it does not drip, starting at the roots and working the hair in segments. Once applied to all hair, cover it with a disposable shower cap and wrap it with a hot towel for approximately one hour. Alternatively, you can apply heat using a hairdryer, evenly for the first 20 minutes and leave for another 40 minutes, for optimal results. 

Rinse hair with warm water until all the paste is removed. Then wash hair with Amla Bio Ayurvedic Solid Shampoo and apply Baobab Bio Ayurvedic Solid Conditioner, spreading evenly overall hair. Dry the hair with a towel, without friction. 

Avoid all contact with the eyes and mucous membranes throughout the process. 

Caution! Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes. 

Allergy test: It is recommended to do an allergy test 24 hours before using the product. 

Even though all the products are made with 100% natural ingredients, in the case of very sensitive skin, these preparations can cause skin irritation and, therefore, it is recommended to carry out a preliminary test to determine whether or not there is sensitivity to the product. To perform the test, clean a small area of ​​skin behind the ear or on the inner surface of the forearm, using soap and water or alcohol. Prepare a small amount of paste and apply it to the area. Let it dry. After 24 hours, wash the area with soap and water and check for irritation or redness. The test should be done before each application