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Kushala was born to bring home the best beauty and personal care product on the market, with a high concentration of 100% botanical assets.

Our hennas are grown in India respect fair trade. Kushala makes the best selection of pigment and Ayurvedic plants in your home country, collecting them at their right time to obtain the best quality and freshness and with exclusive Ayurvedic formulations to obtain the best results.

Our select hair care (beauty) line is manufactured by hand in Spain, with vegetable oils of the first cold press and without tense-active chemicals or harmful products for skin and hair, in a process called cold saponification and respectful with the ecosystem.


As a brand, we have founded Kushala with the firm intention of providing to the market efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products. With 100% natural active ingredients. Without harmful chemicals or additives, creating products that are not only inspired by nature but are also born from it. Our main goal is to demonstrate that sustainability, professional results and innovation can go together.

Plant coloration

1* Soundable cultivation and a fair price:

We buy from local producers who select each sheet at its optimum time

2* Unique ayurvedic formulas:

Our Ayurvedic formulas not only color the sine hair that treats hair and scalp, returning the right balance to each hair.

3* No chemistry. 100% vegetable:

Only plant powder, leaves, roots, and fruits.

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1* Handcrafted manufacturing.

Made by cold saponification with natural assets.

2* Ayurvedic formulation.

With ayurvedic ingredients selected with exclusive formulas.

3* Professional results.

Developed by professionals to offer incredible results.

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Kushala aims to offer the market exclusive products of high cosmetics 100% organic, following the Ayurvedic principles, and faithful to the holistic experience. We have created unique hair coloring formulas and treatments made of nature for you.

Kushala was born with Juan Carlos and Alba.

Juan Carlos Jiménez Martínez, fourth-generation hairdresser, Spanish champion hairdresser in 1992, and champion of Europe in 1995. Entrepreneur and trainer in the main brands of the professional market for more than 20 years.

Alba Pujolas Massoni, vocational hairdresser. From his earliest childhood, I was clear about it. Fearless and adventurous, she has sought her professional growth by jumping from her hometown, Figueres, to Barcelona and Madrid, where she has grown up as a professional.

They met in Berlin forming. His personal and professional union was shaping, first as a difficult dream to achieve and, today, as Kushala. A project born to revolutionize the market and raise awareness of the consumer.